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16 march 2017, 20:25

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Studio rental decor items Go-Rent offers a unique range of tableware for elegant weddings. These are the items which will be located in front of the eyes of your wedding guests throughout the evening. Through them they can feel the level of solemnity of the event and care about the person. solid tablecloths for round and rectangular tables jacquard and payetochnye tablecloths for round tables napaloni with embroidery swipe the wildcard dish sets serving plates sets of glasses made of colored glass Cutlery GO TO THE DIRECTORY We love created this unique selection of items based on your taste long experience in the wedding industry and current global trends in the wedding decor. Not require a Deposit.

Cozy showroom in the metro Tula. Economical delivery and quality setup installation and removal by our staff. The possibility of ex. Place your order

1 Select items in the directory, specify date of collection and return will determine the need for delivery and setup. 2 Make half the amount for placing the order will pay the balance no later than 2 days prior to generate products. Rental decor available no later than 2 days before the receipt of products. 3 Make the payment by card ROBOKASSA payment or Bank transfer. 4 will Receive and return products with messenger Go-Rent at your appointed time at a specified location.

With self-delivery on certain days in the issuing Pipeline 4B by appointment every day from 1000 to 1900. A Deposit is not required. Signed the act of transfer. The base rental prices of products listed in the catalog at

Will pay the basic cost of rent and dispose of goods up to 3 days Supplement for 4th and each subsequent day of the 25% of the base cost. The cost of shipping there and back is on average 4 000 USD. For delivery in the city charged an average of 60 ru The cost of setup and dismantling on average 1 600 USD How to save Organize delivery and setup themselves.

To properly plan transportation number of employees and the duration of the setup rely on the volume of goods and works is given in.

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