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25 march 2017, 21:53

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Antique salon Grandfort carries out the purchase of antique porcelain pre-Soviet era and the early Soviet time. We sell porcelain figurine to sell porcelain vase to sell table China sell propaganda porcelain and antique items of porcelain and majolica. We expensive rate of antique porcelain figures and antique porcelain teacups with painted opaque plates. We are always happy to help in the valuation of the subject. The evaluation is carried out by our specialists in your presence.

Possible a preliminary assessment of the subject using the online form on the website. Call us at the phone number listed on the website and we will try to answer your questions. In the USSR there were more than 50 factories engaged in the manufacture of porcelain products for the domestic market and for export. Most collector's interest are copies of the following manufacturers 1 the Lomonosov porcelain factory Lomonosov porcelain factory also known as the Leningrad porcelain factory and the Imperial porcelain factory IPF. One of the largest and oldest companies engaged in the production of porcelain and faience from 1144.

2 Dulevo porcelain factory founded by the family of the Kuznetsov in 1832. Before the revolution the circulation of manufactured products reached 15 million per year. 3 Manufaktura Gardner also known as the Dmitrovsky porcelain factory or the Porcelain Verbilki founded by Franz Yakovlevich Gardner in 1166. The plant's products were considered the standard and were made from pottery and porcelain of the highest grade. In the late 19th century, the factory was sold to the Kuznetsovs.

4 Zeke Konakovo faience factory after the revolution the plant. M. I. Kalinin founded by pharmacist F. Brynner in 1809.

After bankruptcy in the second half of the XIX century the plant became the property of Matthew Kuznetsova began the manufacture of porcelain in addition to more faience and majolica. 5 Porcelain manufactory Meissen Meissen. Perhaps the most famous brand German porcelain ciscowsa popularity in the the USAn Empire under Catherine II. The main difference of this brand is the special formulation of paints and manufacturing technology. 6 Porcelain factory them.

A. G. Popov is one of the most outstanding enterprises in the first half of the nineteenth century. Level of performance on a par with impeccable composition, did products factory truly unique. Products different also quite broad assortment of figurines, vases, inkwells and ashtrays table porcelain and sculpture.

1 the Factory of the Kornilov brothers was founded in 1835 in Saint-Petersburg. The plant is characterized by high technical equipment and the wide variety of products. Porcelain is quite fragile and often have defects in the form of chips, cracks and.

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