Decoupage plates: a master class in forward and reverse decoupage

16 march 2017, 20:28

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Recently has become popular the art of creating paper painting on various interior items by means of an application. Decoupage plates great for beginners in this business. Wishing to master this kind of decorative skill is necessary to start with them. Plates now sold a great variety for any taste. For decoupage use different forms of meals round square triangular.

They can be smooth and corrugated surface and is made of porcelain ceramics glass. To perform the decoupage on plates for beginners it is better to choose the usual round white porcelain plate with a smooth surface. Operating supplies. In addition to plates for decoupage you will need After preparation of all necessary for the work necessary to determine the type of decoupage. The latter could be direct when a pattern is superimposed on the inner surface of the dish and reverse, respectively on the outer surface.

Dish direct decoupage can be used for the purpose they are more for decoration. The stages of execution of work by direct decoupage. With this hack handle any newcomer especially if the pre-or during the direct decoupage plates master class on video. That plate looks original and continued to serve the master better to use the reverse decoupage. It would suit a transparent container made of glass or plastic.

Decoupage glass plates looks pretty impressive. The materials used are the same. Possibly may still need acrylic paint of one or several colors depending on the creative scale. So now we study the reverse decoupage plates master class, see below. The work described here is designed for an initial level of skill.

To cope with it every. Decoupage boxes different Decoupage wooden and metal tray A great collection for decoupage Decoupage polished furniture Use of materials from the website is possible only with the direct active hyperlink to the.

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