Decoupage plates with their hands: master classes and 50 inspiring photo gift ideas

16 march 2017, 20:27

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Decor with decoupage may look very impressive but it does not require large material and time costs Has long been in Vogue interesting hobby hand-made things made by hand some people are fascinated by sewing for others creating crafts made of plastic or dolls as some of us discovered decoupage plates. This is quite a new craze which gained its popularity due to the availability of tools and inexpensive materials at hand for work. Here used everything from napkins to eggshell but the result is striking in originality and beauty photos of such works inspire more and more people and have a hobby a growing number of dedicated followers. Today, a lot of sites with photos and videos where step by step detailing how to perform this simple work with their hands. The contents Different techniques of decoupage will help to diversify the interior of your home One of the gurus of referral hand-made recognized Natasha Fontina author and host their own programs on the DIY manual on one of the television channels.

Today we will look at several ways to make this dish your own unique interior decoration based on the methods and technique of video tutorials. To breathe in an old piece a new life possible with the help of decoupage In this technique you can update and make a unique tray for tea This is the technique of decorating ware by the bonding thereto of the picture with a final coating of varnish so she was securely fastened and literally decoupage is French for cut. The ancestors of the directions were German craftsmen of the late XV century which began to decorate these pictures ordinary furniture. In the XVII century, Europe was swept by a wave of enthusiasm for Chinese and Japanese motifs in this connection, the decoupage with your hands fascinated all segments of the population therefore the XIX century it acquired a mass character in the USA but this passion came only at the beginning of this century, but the real popularity gained only in our days. Reverse decoupage glass plates The easiest for beginners will decoupage plates later in the same style, you can learn to decorate furniture bags and so on.

Subjects can be of different Christmas landscape flower still lifes even fragments of classical paintings. Or why not a vintage photo of your beloved grandmother. The key is that you will make this miracle with their own hands. Set for decoupage depends on what technique you follow You'll need not the entire list. Tools will need everything but the napkins photos or craquelure of the eggshell is possible to choose one or the other.

Combining different techniques to create something.

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