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from 900 to 2100 every day Correctly selected dishes for the table while drinking tea or drinking coffee is an important element in the sacrament of enjoying a drink. Therefore, the choice of these items should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Utensils for tea familiar to most people - tea cups mugs teapots or portable sets for ceremonies and Gong Fu tea Board. Each device has its clear purpose. In the current situation when there is no time often to organize long rituals beverage becoming increasingly popular in various semi-tibody French press or cups of autopedigree.

However, any high quality tea ware must meet certain requirements For the filing of most coffee drinks prepared in the coffee machine usually uses the following categories of dishes There is also a fundamentally incorrect stereotype is that coffee is different from tea utensils only dimensions. This is not so. Utensils for coffee are very diverse in appearance and it is variety of determined methods of cooking and the coffee, which today we know quite a lot. In our online store you can easily choose the dishes for tea or coffee from leading manufacturers at affordable prices. In our catalog there are the separate elements of the sets and special sets of utensils for tea ceremonies or family celebrations.

We work directly with manufacturers so the prices of the dishes have significantly lower than most similar online shops. Additionally, your order is delivered directly to your home or office and when you checked for the presence of flaws or defects. On the site are regularly held various promotions and sales as well as a flexible system of discounts for regular customers. Address New York Kiev highway Business Park Ramanavicius E office 104Е Order by phone in New York +1 214 120-16-13 Free phone for regions 8 800 350-34-21 Official email For orders For cooperation and suggestions communitydimaestri.

com Detailed directions.

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