Independent production of cymbals Realizing that to shoot well in flight, shooting only hunting,

16 march 2017, 20:26

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Independent production of cymbals Realizing that to shoot well in flight shooting only hunting impossible we bought throwing machine. The first firing showed that first shoot, we do not know second frequent training from the fire hurting family budget. A plate costs 4 USDles cartridge 6. It is unprofitable it turns out. And if the first time was spent mostly cartridges and plates fought only when failed landing on the improvement of the results, the cost of steel plates to grow.

After studying the issue thanks to the Internet and decided to try to make the plates self. On the website St. Petersburg hosted the hunter article with drawings of the plates and the plates and also shows the technology and composition mixture. Simplifying the drawing die part and a punch to the limit requirement Turner homeschoolers have been able to produce more or less acceptable product. In the composition the mixture specified in the article the main component called coal-tar pitch.

The pitch lasted for a long time decided to replace it with bitumen. However, bitumen too plastic plate get soft. Someone suggested replacing the bitumen gypsum. Realizing the absurdity of this idea, the plaster stiffens half an hour, respectively, for day can make 48 pieces J all also poured the plaster into the matrix. The first cast could not get it broke.

Second the third and fourth too. A got only a fifth pre-thickly greased the lithologic matrix. The fact is that gypsum expands during solidification and most other materials contract. We must pay tribute gypsum plate flew well and was broken by the roll into small pieces. The search for a replacement bake coal was continued.

It was proposed for example rosin but even on a test plate could not scrape together. Was also mentioned and paraffin. I initially skeptical, the wax is thought to be not fragility as well as with bitumen. But still tried. The wax I borrowed J in their production at the same time said it costs 1550 USDles.

per kg. In the recipe was replaced peck with paraffin it turned out 30% paraffin 60% chalk 10% cement. Trial cooking showed that the paraffin is quite slow to melt even in high heat. So chalk and cement necessary to fill up after complete melting of the paraffin. It takes the same a very thorough agitation of the mass until the complete elimination of lumps.

But after mixing you can put weight on very slow fire and it will be very long time to stand and ready to use. First plates we do without the press. However, the weight of my body 102 kg was not enough to push the mass to the connection matrix and punch. The fact that the matrix and the plug should be cold not more than 25-30° C, otherwise the weight sticks to the metal is not even looking at the grease with a soap solution. But.

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