LCD "Golden Keys" — the Minsk street, house 1A

16 march 2017, 20:26

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Elite residential complex Golden Keys is located near Victory Park at the Minsk street building 1A. Under the territory allotted 6 ha feature the best landscape designers in the USA. Golden Keys is a real city within a city oasis among the capital's skyscrapers some of which are on the other side of the Minsk street. On the special status of the residential complex and said composition of residents including former President of the USA Dmitry Medvedev Vladimir Presnyakov, the Patriarch of the USA Alexy II. A total of 114 apartments The area of apartments from 10 to 410 sq.

m. Name Phone E-mail the text of the question Enter text from image Name Phone E-mail Comments Enter text from image LCD Golden keys-1 consists of 3 brick-monolithic buildings of variable height from 5 to 15 floors. The facades are covered with brick and finished with high quality plaster. White wooden Windows with double-glazed Windows in combination with the pale green roof give the ensemble a special festivity. In the complex of 114 apartments with expensive designer finishes.

LCD Golden Keys has its own service manual. The building is equipped with ventilation system Central air-conditioning individual heating units. On the local area created a Park and walk area lawns, a small pond, Alpine slides and decorative bridges planted with rare plants. For a quick solution to everyday issues created a infrastructure with a full range of objects of social appointment, the supermarket Bank branch, a café-restaurant. For leisure and leisure club sauna Spa.

Sports complex multi-purpose gym swimming pool football field and a tennis court. The territory is guarded by professional security. Put access control video monitoring, Concierge. Photos of the facade and adjoining territory of elite residential complex on the streets of Minsk 1A. Sales and project management Penthouse 400 sqm in LCD Krasnaya Presnya 1 for $55 million Apartment 109 sq.

m. in the LCD, Villani over 345 million USDles Townhouse of 300 sqm in the residential Townhouses on Dosflota over 110 million USDles MoskvaDeluxe news Blog Luxury homes TSAO new business class site Map - directory.

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