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Online store New York, Bryansk str., 2 of. 208+1 499 104-42-31 Plates required in any kitchen. Each family is required to have utensils for everyday use and festive dinner. First a simple, inexpensive and practical second interesting designs looks luxurious and creates the mood.

For reception best suited dishes from the Czech Republic is a quality and unique product design. Luxury and elegance Any of the plates will adorn the feast, solemnly looks it will suit for your holiday. Looks expensive due to the gold and platinum edging patterns and illustrations. Some products do resemble works of art take for example the painting in the style of Madonna. For lovers of ease and simplicity, has an air decor there are also products without registration.

Czech plates are completely covered with painting we also can offer in New York. Any form A plate from our catalogue you can choose very different forms. There are classic round and entered the fashion square with bevelled corners. All options have their names Cairo Leon Ophelia Mary Sonata Tetra Rococo Bolero and others. They differ from each other in size, depth and shape processing angles.

We propose to buy on web store plates Ready-made kits Plates it is better to buy not one but kits. Our kits also contain items with different depth and diameter. Here in New York you can order the kits with a different number of items from 6 to 18. It is better to buy a large set because of the beautiful plates hard to find need to consider a lot of nuances. Even if you ordered from the same manufacturer in New York that the appearance of products from different collections will be.

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