Service standards in the restaurant

16 march 2017, 20:30

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The purpose of the preparation of restaurant room service create the perfect clean comfort clear service organization. In the process of preparing the hall for the service includes cleaning of the room arrangement of tables cover them with tablecloths receiving tableware and Cutlery table setting and personal preparation for the waiter to work. Daily housekeeping includes trading floor ventilation damp cleaning of floors, furniture, window sills, etc. If the hall carpeting on the floors for their cleaning use vacuum cleaners and other mechanical equipment to facilitate the work of janitors. The tables are arranged in straight lines or in a staggered manner to form one group-areas separated from one another the main aisles with a minimum width of 2 m and AUX wide 1512 m.

Each table put at a distance from the neighboring which would provide free passage to him of the visitors and waiters at full load the room. It is impossible to place tables in line with the front door. Tables sideboards chairs should defend from a wall on distance of 10-20 . Close to the assigned waiter of the group of tables needs to accommodate utility tables-sideboards for waiters. In the arrangement of chairs must be sure to seat them were not under the table.

Chair pose lowered to the tablecloth. When using round tables it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the seats were located between the legs of the tables. After the placement of furniture the foreman of waiters on receipt receives service and linen necessary for serving the dishes, Cutlery and table linen in accordance with the number of tables. Plates stand covering them with handbrake of service in space and put in cabinets, and utility tables stacks 10 to 12 pieces of stemware and goblets and glasses on trays covered with a napkin. Sometimes, to deliver a large number of utensils use waiter truck.

Before serving, the waiter should reconsider received utensils Cutlery and glass on the wash quality defects. Before serving, wipe with a hammer to Polish the dishes and utensils glass and crystal. When wiping glasses glasses leg take your left hand wrapping up part of the towel and with the help of the rest of the towel the right hand wipe the glass inside and out. It is impossible to blow on the glassware and to use for wiping used tissue. When wiping the plate of their bow with the left hand end of the towel with the right hand pinch the rest of the towels and wipe the plate podrachivaya her.

Forks spoons and knives wipe alternately taking one end of the towel in your left hand a few plugs the rest of the towel the right hand wipe each device separately. Table linen tablecloths.

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