The inverse and direct methods of decoupage plates

16 march 2017, 20:27

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The contents Decoupage is a very interesting and unique technology of decorating different items. It is possible to decorate furniture dishes paintings and homemade photo albums. If you know how to make a decoupage for beginners creative make hand-made original crafts and items for the interior. To use different materials ranging from wipes of paint and finishing lace and newspaper clippings. Today's master class is perfect for beginners masters.

This is the decoupage plates and reverse decoupage plates and don't forget to make a direct decoupage. This master class decoupage plates implies the acquisition of some material part of which is in your home and the rest you can buy in a specialty store. You will need a glass bowl PVA glue means that degreases the surface of the cloth with a pattern of white acrylic paint with brush and acrylic paint. Take a plate of glass-based transparent color and attach it to the cloth you have chosen is not too large format. Cut the image which should be a few inches smaller than the bottom of the plate as shown in the photo.

To the circuit pattern more clearly outline it with a Sharpie. Now degrease the plane of the plate with a special solution consisting of alcohol. Grease a plate with glue and applied on her a napkin by separating the second layer. Miss drawing with your hands on the glass surface with glue. Do it gently so as not to break the pattern swipe.

Paint mascara on the contour plates red acrylic paint. Set boundaries that will draw the snow and start to make it your own. After that will start to show the background image. The next step is the application of blue paint that will mimic the sky. In this case you can run over the white background.

Leave the plate to dry and then paint it blue. The final touch is the application of varnish. After this, the decoupage plates completely created by your own hands. The next master class is designed for beginners of decoupage. It is very easy on a conventional plate.

The first ordinary plate must be degreased with alcohol to dry and paint several times white acrylic paint. Separate from the swipe pattern that you like and stick it with watered down PVA glue. Leave it to air dry. Now cover the plate with varnish, and begin to draw the contours with a black marker. You should now have a contour as shown in the photo.

In order to complete the picture you need to paint the remaining white color on the surface and dry crafts. In.

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