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Oddly enough but the plates with the logo of this invention is not new. Imagine what our contemporaries do not have any relation to it. The art of making utensils of pottery made up of this sunrise in Rome and ancient Greece. The predecessors of our souvenir plates applied colorful ornaments and scenes from the life of the gods. With the emergence in Europe of Chinese porcelain tableware in the homes of the wealthy has become a matter of pride and luxury.

Not surprising. Externally, it looked like a work of art. In the Royal courts and the houses of the nobility have a set of dishes for special occasions. For this dish struck the monogram pattern bound in the initial letters of the name and surname of the owner. Here is the logo.

That is, a family sets is a luxurious cups and plates with the logo. As you know this dish is cherished and passed on by inheritance. Souvenir plate for the USA has also been used for the purpose. Taralee - front premium dishes the kings were rewarded for the merits of their subjects. Hence the dishes was equal to the order.

Only by the 18th century the dish became popular when eating. In this artistic decoration of dishes never stopped. On the contrary, the production of souvenir plates thanks to modern technologies, it can be art. We are ready to create for you an exclusive dish with logo of photos of inscriptions and drawings of any complexity. Without a doubt the dishes with your branding will be an exquisite souvenir and gift for important business partners.

To receive from you such a gift will be happy for colleagues and friends. Moreover, along with coffee and a couple of glasses and plates with the logo form a spectacular service for your office designed in a corporate style. But photo printing on the plate is really extraordinary. This souvenir give less than a souvenir mug. So the impression of such a present is very bright.

He will be remembered for a long time. In addition to the souvenir plates on the plastic stands are very popular as an independent element of the interior. For the manufacture of souvenir plates we use a variety of methods depending on the intended use of the cookware. M. Ryazan prospectus New York, Ferghana str.

8 bld. 2, bld 1, office 204 This email address is protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. +1 499 101-88-86 +1 214.

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