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16 march 2017, 20:28

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The price of porcelain or China saucers of private the USAn porcelain factory Kuznetsov varies from 100 USDles to $ 100. It is very rude and just vskidku to you immediately understand the price range. And now we will try to understand in detail how much is the dish of camaraderie Kuznetsova what is the price of Kuznetsovskaya plate how much is possible to assess the full porcelain or Delft Kuznetsova and what's more how much you can buy dishes Kuznetsova. I have to say rare stamps Kuznetsov had to dig and toil in the attribution to look for a porcelain or faience factory distinguished to find out what year the stamp and in what year Kuznetsov has released a particular service is almost a waste of time. The pointer marks on porcelain and pottery is good for rarities for small private porcelain factories and small vintage items.

Tableware Kuznetsova and it is presented EN masse in the market of Antiques this is the classic consumer goods of the late 19th and early 20th century. Of course there are exceptions. Perhaps I'll start with them leaving small plastic mostly earthenware in this section we are only talking about plants Kuznetsova will analyze details dinnerware. Presented on main photo and the text faience dish was sold for approximately 40, 000 roughly 1 000. But you can see it is good Condition a Rare and Beautiful stamps but not Kuznetsov and S.

Maslennikova feel the difference here is that it explains this pricing AP. And now look at mediocre meals Kuznetsova bought them from the population is not more 200-300 USDles in the sale are hanging very long in the end it's only or novice antique zasobiralsya set to set in this case, the price of the dishes can reach 1000 to 1300 and even 1500 roubles. It refers to the dish in perfect condition if it is earthenware it is desirable without craquelure and yellow stains no chips or cracks. Meals with defects above 200-300 USDles are not. Unfortunately And very often on the individual pieces Kuznetsovsky sets no marks.

Here separately such plates, gravy boats, tureens etc to sell extremely difficult. By the way, the gravy boat and tureen rusnica Kuznetsova the most frequent and the most unsaleable and vesjolye position. The tureen in the end finish his life as pots and gravy boats, agents and collectors for 2 pennies. About the size. What is the dish more luxurious and more beautiful the higher the price adds to his size The easier and simpler the dish, the lower its value by increasing the size.

Is simply ugly piece of plate of great size when presale 90% of the beats are extremely inconvenient in storage. Interior vintage chic thing value only increases the price position. All the same can be said about the plates Kuznetsov.

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