We supply wholesale crockery for catering, kitchen equipment, dishwashers

25 march 2017, 21:54

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8499 409-54-84 Mob- +1926512-33-66 Prices may vary on the website check with the managers of the company. DAIRY MOLZAVOD Vacancy tape mastering Get advice and make an order You can via a free telephone connection Our team is a reliable partner and faithful assistant of all restaurateurs retailers the owners of tea houses, coffee shops and shopping of household things. Watch for discounts and special offers In stock wholesale we can equip any hardware store. The wide range of pan products from the silicone of Montevarchi kettles pots cookware stainless steel Cutlery sets Cutlery in a beautiful gift suitcase kids clubs sets for spices thermos lunch boxes. Price list you can download in our section of the Price list.

On all issues of cooperation are better reached by phone Extensive experience on equipment of nutrition units in your applications. The most important thing everyone is interested in payment and delivery of your order. More established categories in terms of working with us. Safeguards will send you any accounts during the quarter. We are White company and gray scheme is not interesting to us for cash not working.

Also our company is official dealer of the manufacturer, OAO Grodno GRODTORGMASH - production posudomoichnaya machines for catering trucks TG-150 water heaters neutral equipment. Mugs stainless steel bucket stainless steel buckets stainless steel dough kneading machine hood type dishwasher tunnel dishwasher, the cart cargo TG-150 mug for tea pots stainless steel trolley for café refrigerators for restaurants dish stand for sulfenic kettles stainless steel kettles electric thermopot Gastronorm containers stainless steel knives kitchen dining trays for planetary mixers trolley serving trolley-studs filling boilers grinder truck-studs boilers liquid lunch boxes stainless steel of Montevarchi pans marble insecticidal lamps tea sets hatchet, kitchen knives Samurai barrel in stainless steel. Please note Selling wholesale involves collaboration only with legal entities . If you keep your own restaurant or retail shop we believe can be useful to you. Watch for discounts and special offers The quality of the product.

Every consumer under this phrase may imply very different meanings. For Someone product must have a good reputation some people want to trust the proven producers and someone buys on the principle of.

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